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Border Terrier

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Sample Video: Best of Breed Final Judging
BTCA 2012 Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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Chrome will properly display our content, especially the video streams, across all platforms.

Safari (5.0 or higher) and Internet Explorer (9.0 or higher) will work too. Earlier versions do not.

In our own testing, FireFox failed. Mozilla has adopted their own video standard (WebM).
FireFox displays flash streaming video too, but that is not viewable on portable devices like iPad.

To bring you video across all devices and platforms
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we have implemented HTML-5 video tags and h.264 encodes.

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Contact Information


The fastest way to receive a reply to your inquiry is to send us an e-mail.
E-mail is checked frequently, and responded to promptly, on our phones and laptops.
We spend most of the year traveling, and most hours of the day ringside filming.
We cannot talk on the phone while we are filming because the conversation will be recorded!



We do not have an office staff. No one will answer the phone. Please leave a message.
We check voicemail on breaks and at night. (Please consider timezone differences.)
Due to travel constraints and National Specialty schedules, it may take more than a day to respond to telephone voicemail messages.
The fastest way to receive a reply to your inquiry is to send us an e-mail.

Voicemail: (207) 200-3837

Mailing Address:

Irvin B. Krukenkamp, MD
40 Junction Road
South Berwick, ME 03908