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BMDCA 2013
National Specialty Show
The Ranch Events Complex
Loveland, CO
May 14 - 18, 2013

Sample Video: BOB - Gettysburg, 2012
On-Line Streaming Video Tablet/Phone compatibility: iPad, iPhone, Droid, Windows Surface
Standard DVD & Blu-Ray Hi Definition Videos

DVD Packaged Sets

Package #1:Dog Classes 2-Disc Set
Includes Reg & Veterans
(Discs 01 & 02)

Package #2: Bitch Classes 2-Disc Set
Includes Reg & Veterans
(Discs 03 & 04)

Package #3: Best of Breed 2-Disc Set
Includes Breed, Bests & Best Of's
(Disc 05 & 06)

Package #4: Sweeps-Futurity 4-Disc Set
Includes Sweeps, Vet Sweeps & Futurity
(Disc 07, 08, 09 & 10)

Package #5: BREEDER PKG 7-Disc Set
Includes Regular Conformation Videos
(Discs 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 & 11)

Package #6: WHOLE SHOW 13-Disc Set
Includes all show videos
(Discs 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12 & 13)

Individual DVD / Blu Ray Discs

Disc #01:DOGS 6-9m thru BBE

Disc #02:DOGS AmBred thru WD, Vet Dogs

Disc #03:BITCHES 6-9m thru BBE

Disc #04:BITCHES Ambred to WB, Vet Bitches

Disc #05:Best of Breed Dogs

Disc #06:Breed Bitches, Bests, Best Of's

Disc #07:Puppy Sweeps Dogs

Disc #08:Puppy Sweeps Bitches, Bests

Disc #09:Veteran Sweeps

Disc #10:Futurity

Disc #11:NonReg Multi (SD, BB, Brace, Team)

Disc #12:Versatility, Jrs, Parades

Disc #13:TOP 20

i-Clip Videos

E-mail "Irv"

with Clip Info, then Pay at:

Individual Dog i-Clips

One Clip: $25.00
Three Clips: $65.00
Five Clips: $100.00

We need Armband # and the Class for your dog.
Conformation: Exam, Over & Back, go-around.
Performance: Your entire run.

Get More Info on i-Clips

Whole Class i-Clips

One Class Clip: $50.00
Please select the class from the list above.
(see classes listed in Streaming Video when posted each day)

Get More Info on i-Clips
Post-Production Information

Post Production Info

Editing, Titling, Authoring, Duplicating, Packaging and Shipping are very time intensive.

We expect to ship the BMDCA 2013 videos on or about


When will I get my videos?

A: We get this question frequently, and the most accurate answer is, "well, it depends". The time of year, the number of orders, and the total number of video DVDs to be produced for a show influence the answer.

Common sense: We can bang out 20 copies of a 1-DVD specialty show in a day; 250 copies of a 12-DVD big National takes over a week to process, package and ship. If it is our "busy season" where we are all out filming Nationals, then DVD production times are longer. We aren't even in the studio!

Our typical video production times:

Off Season:   7 - 10 days
Average:   2 - 3 weeks
Peak Season:   6 - 8+ weeks

(Peak show season is April/May/June and September/October/November)

Why does it take so long to make the videos?

A: Filming video during your show is only the first step of over a dozen steps in the overall video production.  Here is a list of the key steps that your video DVD production will go through.

01) Record LIVE digital video into DTE (Direct to Edit) system at the show.
02) Duplicate DTE digital video onto Hard disk backup.
03) Ingest digital raw video into RAID array at studio.
04) Sequence video by Show Event and by time duration.
05) Rough Cut Editing by Show day and by Event.
06) Design finish editing templates by Show.
07) Finish Editing by Show day and by Event (Titling, Music, Audio tracks).
08) Export finished video sequences to intermediate codecs.
09) Transcode & compress video sequences to mpeg-2 for DVD authoring.
10) Upload intermediaries to DVD RAID.
11) Design custom DVD menu Templates per Show.
12) Custom DVD authoring by Show and by Event.
13) Export DVD img Files to Duplication Array.
14) DVD duplication run.
15) Design custom DVD label files by Show and by Event.
16) DVD labeling run.
17) Design custom DVD case insert by Show.
18) DVD case insert printing run.
19) Custom DVD assembly and packaging.
20) Final video DVD order processing and shipping.
Why do you charge my credit card / cash my check early?

A:  Orders placed before the show, at the show, or shortly thereafter are called PRE-PRODUCTION ORDERS.  We offer VERY significant Discounts and priority shipping / handling on pre-production orders.  Your payment in advance by credit card, check or cash entitles you to these benefits. 

It works exactly the same as putting a deposit down on a discounted vacation special, or buying an airline ticket in advance of the day of travel, or paying your hotel bill in full at check in.  Your payment in advance secures special pricing.  In our case that is a Discounted Video DVD price and priority shipping and handling.   

Would you tell me more about your productions?

Please remember that we are a small video company serving an elite niche market – YOU – the show dog exhibitor / owner / handler / breeder!

We have a small staff that both films and edits your show dog video.   By remaining small and efficient we can keep our production costs low, and extend pricing to you that makes sense for low volume DVD video productions (tens of copies instead of millions).

What does this mean for YOU?

It means that for $25 - $50 per DVD disc you can get a high quality, highly customized video DVD of your show, but it may take a bit longer especially in peak show season.   We aren't a Hollywood studio with a large staff to produce video on demand!   If we were, that overhead would drive our video DVD prices to well over $100 per disk on low volume runs typical of breed-specific National Specialty shows (tens of copies; not millions!).

We opted to keep prices low for you, our customers, while maintaining high quality.   Production times may be a bit longer though.   We appreciate your patience.

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In our own testing, FireFox failed. Mozilla has adopted their own video standard (WebM).
FireFox displays flash streaming video too, but that is not viewable on portable devices like iPad.

To bring you video across all devices and platforms
[iPad, iPod, iPhone, Droid Devices, Mac or PC]
we have implemented HTML-5 video tags and h.264 encodes.

Please use Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer to enjoy this experience!

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Contact Information


The fastest way to receive a reply to your inquiry is to send us an e-mail.
E-mail is checked frequently, and responded to promptly, on our phones and laptops.
We spend most of the year traveling, and most hours of the day ringside filming.
We cannot talk on the phone while we are filming because the conversation will be recorded!



We do not have an office staff. No one will answer the phone. Please leave a message.
We check voicemail on breaks and at night. (Please consider timezone differences.)
Due to travel constraints and National Specialty schedules, it may take more than a day to respond to telephone voicemail messages.
The fastest way to receive a reply to your inquiry is to send us an e-mail.

Voicemail: (207) 200-3837

Mailing Address:

Irvin B. Krukenkamp, MD
40 Junction Road
South Berwick, ME 03908