Premier National Specialty Dog Show Video
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Browser Navigation Hot Tip!

Each new Streaming Video Page is opened in its own Browser Tab.  Look at the top of this Browser – Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox – they all have ‘Tabbed Browsing’ and they all work the same way.

Notice that when you open a Video Page it opens in a new Browser Tab.


To avoid wasting Video Tokens, keep your Video Pages open (keep their Tabs Open) for your entire viewing session, which can be up to one full day – 24 hours.  Do NOT close your Browser or Logout of the Video Page until you are finished viewing.

WHY?  Every time you Login to open a Video Page you will spend one Video Token.

*** Instead, click on one of the other Tabs, or open a New Tab to surf the Internet.  Do the same thing to view other Video Pages, or to Navigate around on the ShowDogVideoPros website at pages that do NOT require spending a Video Token to view!

Some users even have 2 – 3 different Browsers installed on their computer, tablet or phone.  That is another cool idea!  Open one page in one Browser, and another page in another Browser, e.g. have both Google Chrome and Firefox running at the same time.
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Premier National Specialty Video

  • Filming Exclusively in High Definition
  • LIVE Streaming Video at the Show
  • ShowDog TV Streaming Video after the Show
  • Both Blu-Ray & Standard DVD video discs
  • No Fees to Parent Clubs   (min entry req’d)

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Select your Breed to start watching a show either by Streaming Video or on Blu-Ray or DVD.
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ShowDog TV

Watch our **gorgeous** fully edited and titled production show videos.  Both FREE & Paid streaming video options offered.
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Blu-Rays & DVDs

Gorgeous High Definition Show Video on Blu-Ray discs.  Also offered on Standard DVDs.
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