Order Payments Policy
Order Payments Policy
Orders received before or at the National Specialty show, or while the videos are in production, are called PRE-PRODUCTION Orders.

We offer significant Discounts and other options on PRE-PRODUCTION Orders.  Your payment in advance by credit card, check or cash entitles you to those benefits.

Your PRE-PRODUCTION Order payment guarantees Discounts and First-in-Line order fulfillment.

Accordingly, your PRE-PRODUCTION Order payment will be processed on receipt.  Your check will be cashed, your credit card charged and/or cash deposited in the bank.

It works exactly the same as putting a deposit down on a discounted vacation special, or buying an airline ticket in advance of the day of travel, or paying your hotel bill in full at check in.

Your payment in advance secures special pricing.  In our case that is a Discounted Video DVD price.

Dated March 01, 2018