Payments by Check Policy
Payments by Check Policy
Overview accepts payments for DVD products by check.  Streaming Video subscriptions must be paid On Line.  We do not accept checks for streaming video.

Checks need to be made payable to our holding company (not to!

Bounced Checks
Checks returned for insufficient funds cause significant inconvenience for merchants, for customers, and for the banks!  The merchant's bank charges typically $20 - $25 to the merchant for a bounced check - and the merchant had nothing to do with bouncing the check! takes the issue of insufficient funds or "bounced checks" very seriously.  Upon return of the check from our bank, we will put an immediate hold on your order.  We will notify you by e-mail and by regular postal mail.  Our service fee for the handling of a returned check is $25.00. That fee must be paid before your video order can be further processed or shipped.
Bounced Checks - Collections
Often we find that checks bounce because folks are traveling to/from the National, and have unusual expenses culminating from the National Specialty events.  Nevertheless, we must insist on prompt payment.  We are happy to work with you, but we are most unhappy if our efforts to contact you are ignored and if you fail to acknowledge the problem.  Afterall, folks know when they bounce a check - it is returned in their monthly bank statement!

If we do not receive any communication from you on this issue, then we are forced to proceed with collections.   In addition, we feel it is important to notify the Parent Breed Club of such unethical actions, and as well to register an ethics complaint with the AKC toward revokation of your privileges therein.   We notify all other vendors of people who pass bad checks, and we maintain a publicly available database of such folks as well.

No one wants a "bad name" or reputation for bouncing a check.  Again, we are happy to work with you as long as there is communication and a fair plan to resolve the issue.  But it is not fair to us, nor to your fellow fanciers to completely ignore a problem with payment - a bounced check - that imposes harm on the merchant (bank fees, etc) and the National Specialty venue.

Dated March 01, 2018