Quality Assurance Policy
Our Commitment to Quality
At quality is our highest priority.  We start in the field at your National Specialty show with highly trained professional videographers focused not only on dog shows and show dogs, but importantly on the unique events of the national specialty show environment.  Our videographers are trained to blend into the fabric of your show to be as unobtrusive as possible, yet also to get the most optimum views feasible of your breed.
At The Show
To that end, our video camera equipment and computer technology is all state of the art.  We use high-resolution (over 1,000 lines) Hi-Definition (1080p60) & Ultra High Definition (UHD - 4K) Panasonic video cameras integrated with the finest of Mac computer hardware and software.  We have extensively researched our on-line CDN services for both of our On-Demand and LIVE streaming video services and can guarantee highly accessible on-line video 24/7 worldwide.

At your show, the video is recorded in duplicate from two different sources and by two different means.  In this way we are certain that as long as the camera is running, the redundant recording methodology insures highly reliable video storage.  Each night the video is backed up onto duplicate hard drives in digital format, and in most cases also loaded to our streaming video servers.  There are always at least three copies of the video made each day at the show.  We just don’t want to lose one second of prized content!
At The Studio
Back at the studio we backup all of the video recorded at your National Specialty onto RAID arrays.  These redundant backup methods also insure secure storage for as long as we hold the video.  During our video editing and titling work, we use duplicate copies of the video to make certain that the original recordings are not harmed in any way.

Once the final video is ready for duplication, we use multiple methods of error checking to be certain that the content stored on our DVDs is exactly what we rendered as the final product from our computer editing.  Our robotic DVD duplication system uses state of the art error checking during the recording process.  We are 100% certain that we have made an exact image of the video from our computer on to your disc.
Post Production Quality
But, we aren’t satisfied with just that.  Although, optical recording media (DVDs) is manufactured to strict criteria, and despite the fact that we use high quality discs, there can still be surfaces errors that contribute to signal degradation in the final product DVD that you receive.  Accordingly, we randomly select (1 disc out of every 100) discs to undergo POST-RECORDING surface testing.  We do a full disc surface scan looking for parity errors, surface defects, and failures.  With this procedure we can identify any defects in manufacturing of the media that we use.

Our overall studio error rate for disc duplication is about 1 per 1,000 discs.  In other words, it is uncommon to get a so-called “bad disc”.  Nevertheless, we test rigorously to maintain the highest quality product feasible.   In fact, we are testing 10x (10 times) more discs produced than our error rate.  It is a bit of work, but well worth the effort to be certain that what you receive from our studio is the best that it can be.
Disc Replacement

This does not mean that we will replace our DVDs for mis-handling.  If one of our discs does not play when you receive it, we will accept the disc on return.  We will then perform a surface scan using sophisticated computer equipment.  If the surface of the disc is bad, we will replace your DVD at NO CHARGE.  If instead we see that the disc has been mis-handled, we will replace that disc for a $10.00 charge per disc.  Shipping will be by US First Class Mail.

We use nothing but the highest grade, industry standard, Digital Video Disc media.  We have burned tens of thousands of discs and only rarely (1 disc out of 1000) has there been a problem detected with the actual DVD media itself.

Dated March 01, 2018