Titling Error Correction Policy
Titling Error Correction Policy
Errors occur.  It is a fact of life.  No one sits up at night plotting to mistakenly label a dog, their sire, their dam or their award.  Most show superintendents and secretaries work very hard to get the information right in the catalog.  And so do we on the video!

We do title well over 250,000 dog names and titles each year on our videos.  We make mistakes, we know.  Our processes are complicated because we must first identify the entry by armband number, then locate that number in the catalog, and then copy the information onto the video.  While it seems straightforward, there are three sources of error in the process:  incorrect (or incomplete) identification of the dog, incorrect or incomplete information in the catalog, and then simple human error in the “copy and paste” process.  We do our very best.

If you know in advance that there is an error in the catalog for your dog’s name, titles, sire or dam, you should try to correct that with the show superintendent or secretary.  If that corrected information is in the on-line catalog after the show, we will have it correct on the video.  Also, we can incorporate the corrected information into the video if you provide that to us before we edit and title the final product.  To do so, send an e-mail to:

If you find an error in the titling on the final video product, we sincerely regret that.  While we take full responsibility for our errors, we have found that commonly it is related to incorrect information in the catalog, or an inability to clearly identify a dog.  Unfortunately, there is no remedy that we can offer once the final video is published.  This policy is the same as a show superintendent supplying a printed catalog at the show.  If the catalog has an error in it, the show super doesn’t run out to do a new print run to correct the error.  Similarly, we do not duplicate and distribute another whole set of videos.

In rare instances we may make an error in the titling of a major award, e.g. Best in Specialty Show.  We do recognize that our videos are a permanent record of your National Specialty Show, and we do try very hard to have that record correct.  Accordingly, if there is a significant error in the permanent record of a major award, we will consider re-publishing and re-distributing corrected discs.

March 01, 2018